Customs Information and Guide for moving personal, household effects, removals, and baggage. Guide covering all major countries updated annually. Please contact us for further information and specific advice or assistance if required


Documents required

Customs Prescriptions


Removal goods

· Original inventory + copy
· AWB or B/L,
· Insurance Policy
· Consignee has to be present for customs inspection.
· Passport copy with residence visa stamped or a copy of visa application.

Importation is allowed provided the shipment consists of personal effects and used household goods.

New household goods subject to payment of 4 % duties.
For duty purposes the inventory should not state value of items.

Diplomats' removals Same as above, plus
· letter from Ministry of foreign affairs for exemption of customs duty and customs inspection.

Free of national & local duties.

Cargo may be inspected by port police.


Commodity shipments

· Legalised CIF invoice,
· Certificate of Origin,
· Copy consignee's trade licence,
· Inventory,
· B/Lading
· Insurance Policy.


Subject to 4% duties on the CIF value.

Motor vehicles

· Commercial invoice/ original purchase invoice,
· B/L,
· Insurance policy,
· Proof of ownership.
· Consignee has to be present for customs inspection

Importation is allowed provided the vehicle is over one year old.

New vehicles subject to 4 % duties on CIF value.

Cats & dogs

· Vaccination certificate

If part of a removal; duty free entry.




Importation not allowed.


Arms, Ammunitions, dangerous objects.


Importation not allowed.


Drugs, pornographic material, products of Israeli Origin.


Importation not allowed.


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